I’d like to thank you for visiting my blog. All you guys visiting my blog help me to keep it attractive, up to date (not always) and fun to read. So thanks for that and hopefully this blog is interesting enough for you to keep visiting it once in a while.

That\’s me

I’m a 26 year old guy, studying to become a bachelor of communications. I’ve travelled for ten months in Australia and returned about two years ago. After having an anonymous Dutch blog, which managed to attract 24.000 visitors one day, I decided to blog about more then just news and my anonymous philosophical views upon life. After managing the blog for about 18 months, I decided to blog about my interests, job experiences and a whole range of other things which you might find entertaining, helpful or interesting.

The world of communication, including some of its teachers, theorists and geniuses has driven me to start my own blog. The modern way we communicate these days, rapidly changes the way we talk, behave, do business and gain knowledge. With this blog I hope to be able to contribute interesting articles, (free) eBooks, discussions and even videos to the blogging community and the professionals out there.

Your comments are always welcome, your membership for my RSS feed is highly appreciated and your shared knowledge is key for me to keep being motivated writing this blog and keeping it alive and kicking. So share your knowledge, critics and feedback with me whenever you want to!

Thanks for taking time reading this. Have fun reading my blog, feel free to contact me, and send me some interesting links when you’ve got some, to post on my shared link page whenever you have one.


PS. Don’t bother commenting on my English writings.