Using WordPress on my iPad

Since the last update (v2.6) of the WordPress application for the iPad, a whole lot of functions have been added and improved so I can blog more easily while travelling with the public transport. Of course the start of the basic application wasn’t that good, but now the developers have come a whole lot closer to making it possible for us  to be true ‘mobile bloggers’.


Inserted with the WordPress v2.6 application


So, what can you do with the new WordPress application?

Add video’s and pictures from your iPad.

The developers now made it possible to add media more easily. The media-option made it possible to insert video’s and pictures from your iPad to your blog.You can also change the scale of your pictures.

Preview and settings

You can now preview your posts more easily and it’s also possible to set a password on your posts and edit the publication date. It’s a shame though that when I preview my posts, I can’t see them in the lay-out of my WordPress theme.

Writing posts

To be honest, I was really hoping that v2.6 would make it possible to have access to the same menu as you have in WordPress when writing a blog post. You still can’t change fonts, add music, bold your text without knowing HTML, align and set the colours of your text and more…

But to be honest, I am very happy with the small changes these guys made on the application. But I’m quiet sure over time there will be coming more  functions on the application.  At least now they’ve made it possible for me to write this blog post within less than ten minutes from the train. So thanks for that WordPressiOS developers!

Before I forget, check out my first blog and help me think of a title for my blog.


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