Will T-Mobile be in danger thanks to a Dutch comedian?

Thanks to freemagenta.nl

As soon as I heard about the news, I thought about Jeff Jarvis and his story with Dell Hell. A famous Dutch comedian called Youp van ‘t Hek is just about to write a book on T-Mobile’s client service. Just after his son got into a brawl with the callcenter. Will he do exactly the same as Jeff did to Dell?

The story is simple, the famous comedian his sons mobile phone was stolen. He had an insurance and when he contacted the T-Mobile client service, he was told he’d get a new phone. But instead, he didn’t recieve a mobile phone, well, he did but not after six calls, writing letters and haaving a famous daddy.

For after he got a phone, it broke down. And again he called, but this time he wouldn’t get far. He was offered to make a new deal with T-Mobile. A three year lasting contract, including a brand new phone…

Now I know Youp van ‘t Hek from when I was young, looking at his cabaret and comedyshows on the telly. And I know he once even managed to bankrupt a beer brand, just by making awesome jokes about it. Guess what stupid move T-Mobile made after Youp tweeted about the FAILure of T-Mobile? They gave him and his son what they wanted, a new phone. Now this really pissed Youp off.

Never piss off a comedian, ever…

For ‘it’s just unbelievable’, the way Youp put it during a Dutch television program, ‘that I happen to be famous and get things done with one Tweet, while others have to wait ages to get things done, or not even that’.

When Jeff Jarvis wrote his two blogs on Dell’s similar to T-Mobile’s client ‘service’ drama, he managed to get loads of other Dell users to support his statements. Now this is exactly what’s happening over here in our cheese-loving, windmail skyfilling and beneath the water sealevel laying country. Dell made the right decision, now it’s time for T-Mobile to do just that.

I’m sure the strategic management of T-Mobile Netherlands are pulling their hairs out of eachothers heads right now. But if any T-Mobile manager is reading this, let me give you one advice, or actually two: keep smiling and be honest.

My advice

This situation offers T-Mobile the chance to change a whole range of things. Yes, your reputation has been damaged, your company its profits will dramatcally be falling into a deep whole of darkness. And last but not least, your brand will be made fun off for the incoming six years. Not just by Youp, but by a whole bunch of others guys who think they’re being funny too.

Now is the time to change everything you’ve started working for at one of Holland’s biggest telecom companies. Your corporate identity should now change, your philosophy can no longer exist in the way it exists now and your service should be shaped in what it should be, a practical, client loving and adorable sexy attractive service. (am i overreacting?) Don’t just say you are going to do it, do it!

And then they lived happily ever after…

T-Mobile, you’ve got yourself in so much trouble and other companies will follow soon. For your service is exactly the same as Vodafone’s, UPC’s and more. There’s already a Twitter-account constantly bashing into every wrong step you make and there’s no way you’re going to stop this Twitter-user from pissing you and your customers off. Or maybe you will, once you contact him personally, offer him a job and let him be part of the strategic thinking tank, that should be able to solve these problems in the (very) long run.

And it’s all about just that. The long term relationship between you and your customers/users. And we all know you don’t want to lose profits, but you will. But is that reason enough for you to keep doing what you do in the way you’re doing it, risking T-Mobile will be gone within five years from now?

No, it’s not. It’s to step up to your customers, to reach out and say: ‘Hey, we want to change the way we work, can you help us out?’.

There’s no other way to pull your company out of the deep black whole you’re falling into right now. So come on Mr. Bart Weijemars (CEO), grab yourself by the balls and start saving you company.

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