Why creative people should know how to blog

It’s such a shame, knowing that I have loads of talented friends who are into making music (link brings you to a YouTube video-clip of an old band some friends of mine had, including two musicians who now play in Caro Emeralds band) , writing books, films and awesome photographs. But just a few of them share their stuff online. Why? I think because they’re afraid of their art being copied and being used by others.

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Sharing things out in the open isn’t scary

But I also think it has a lot to do with them not knowing how to set up a blog and how to write things ‘out in the open’. Here’s my advice for those (talented) creative artists and musicians out there who aren’t famous (yet), but who would like to get some more attention for their work. Start blogging!


Besides the fact that you’ve got nothing to lose by starting a blog, it can provide you with a (-nother) stage on which you can present your creative works. Like these kind of philosophical writings for example.

A blog can also help you to get connected to other artists (if you’re looking for them) and it can help others to get a better picture of the true ‘face’ behind the creator of songs and poems. (which are of course made by a genius when they are yours)

At the start, this might not be of any worthy reasoning to you when starting a blog. But a blog can help you and your ‘fans’ to work together, to discuss your creative products and you can offer your stuff to a (select) group of fans or interested folks who dig your art, online. Just like singer/songwriter Jona Matranga does, check out his webpage.

And then there’s one more reason why you should start blogging. It makes you known with blogging, using modern tools and it helps you to gain some experience which is always good to insert in your Curriculum Vitae.


Well, there’s a whole lot of different ways to start a blog. But since I’m fond of using WordPress you shouldn’t be surprised when I recommend you to use it aswell. But let’s be honest, there are tons of different ways for you to start a blog and conquer the world with your outstanding creative works.

There are loads of other ways to present your stuff. Just have a look at this MySpace page of a friend of mine, or this photo gallery of a photographer I know. But there’s more. For these are existing digital network platforms that provide quiet a few options for you to manage your own blog. But WordPress and Blogger for example, offer you more free space, more (theme) editing options and last but not least, more tools. (If you’re good at using CSS or have a budget, you can have your own stylish blog in no-time for just a few bucks)

WordPress also gives you the option to check your statistics. With this application you can see what search engine terms were used to find your blog, what other websites are referring to you and how many people look at your site on a daily, weekly, monthly or even over all basis. And it’s free!

What if I haven’t got time to set this up?

I can imagine you’re so busy creating revolutionizing art, that you think you haven’t got time to set up and manage a blog. I’m here to tell you, that you do. It takes you just about a weekend to at least have your blog set up and running (without a ‘perfect’ design though). From that moment on, depending on the type of art you’re into, it’s all about updating/uploading your stuff. Pictures, videos and audio files, it can all be uploaded to your blog within a few minutes. (depending on your type of i-net connection of course)

So, what are you waiting for? Start your blog, get your creative stuff out there and let me know what’s up!

Having problems setting up your blog? Just leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help you out.




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10 responses to “Why creative people should know how to blog

  1. T.M. van der Zwan

    I thank you, my dear old companion in literature and poetry!
    Of course your text inspires me… but I take my time: first I must
    become a better writer, and to practice all I need is good old Microsoft
    Word. But one day, when my style and themes have developed properly into a voice that I am certain about, to give me a good and sharply outlined idea of a concept, I will most definitely take your advice about this. Thanks, once more. You know I appreciate this very much!

    • Hey thom,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Good to know you read the article and that you like the advice. But about ‘becoming a better writer’, blogging also helps you to find out what readers find good and bad writings. In some way they push you and me, when blogging, to doing our best at writing good articles which they like or which inspire them.

      So don’t wait too long, for you’re a very good, young and inspiring writer already in the eyes of many 😉


  2. Hi Gijs,
    I never worry much about people stealing my ideas … In fact I encourage it. I especially want to see more of my genre so I can be inspired by it. Sharing is the best way.

    • Hey Kaz,

      I just visited your website. It looks great and it even works just fine on my iPad.
      Also the text on which you ask visitors just to wait because images have to load, is very user-friendly.

      How come you came to the decision of encouraging people to steal your work? That’s really interesting.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you’re doing great as an artist!

  3. Hi Gijs,
    I guess I should clarify my last statement with: I don’t care if they steal my ideas and use them in their own work. However, I would not be happy it they were to steal it then sell it. But hey I guess I don’t worry much about that either because I can’t even sell it. Ha!

    • Haha 😀

      But hey, I wouldn’t mind if you’d write a guest post on my blog about yourself as an artist, including your sources of inspiration etc.

      Feel free to contact me if you want to!

      Awesome comment. Why do you think people don’t buy your stuff…


      • I am sure they feel it is too expensive for what they get. Yet ,I have to say that I have been working on my art for almost forty years. Furthermore I am not starving so I am not concerned if they view it too expensive. It has taken me literally years to be able to produce it. So I guess I think it is worth what other internationally shown artists are charging for it.
        —- but I am such a bad business person … it probably shows in this reply 🙂
        Sure I will write a blog entry at some future time for you if you will allow it.
        Furthermore if you ever do any equational poetry – I would be happy to publish it on my blog.

  4. I started to blog one year ago without know my creativity. It was been a way to test and esprime myself. Friends have started to follow me, then even friends of friends, someone put my blog link into your web page. After a year if I miss a week of publishing my supporters are concerned and I recently received a proposal to publish the blog.
    Keeping a blog is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve done!

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