Egypt, live 12 hour media monitoring by one single blogger

Today the Egyptian government stands face to face with hundreds of thousands civilians. It is very presumable that this will become an historic event, if it isn’t already, for the country which is famous for its rich and poor history and her complex international diplomatic relationships. But this day might also contain a message for the world, which is bigger then any currently published WikiLeak document did.

The … people marching in Caïro stand up for more then just their rights and they want to be heared. But the Egyptian government is trying to silence them, by shutting down almost every communication channel, like cellphone networks, the internet and they’re even trying to cut the reports of journalists who are there. A single blogger like me, can still share a whole lot of what’s going on right now in and around Egypt… Well, at least that’s what I firmly believe after functioning as a mediawatcher in a crisis situation back here in The Netherlands. So that’s what I’ll be doing the incoming twelve hours. Reporting live, from every single tweet, video, report, article and other media I come across, for half a day!

So this is what I’ll be doing the incoming twelve hours (and you can help me, by spreading what you believe is important and should be shared, throughout the comment section below):


I’ll be following more then 25 search engine terms (suggestions are very welcome) on one screen thanks to TweetDeck. This helps me and the people reading this blog to get more acquainted with what’s going on in Egypt.

Pulse News

Meanwhile I’ll be using the Pulse Application on my iPad to rapidly scan (refreshing every two minutes) what’s being written about the situation in Egypt on major websites like The Guardian, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, ABC News and more.

Of course I’m also constantly refreshing YouTube, to see if there are any new video’s being published by people who are in Caïro.

I believe that it’s very important that the events, which are now taking place in Egypt, are being shared with as many people in the world as possible. Because it’s an event in which there are global economic, political and humain interests.

For those who don’t know me, I’m just a Dutch student and (very) small business owner who’s fund of blogging and all kinds of other stuff. This is just my way of trying to help the people, to getting their message into the world.

This is how I’ll be sharing all the gathered information as fast as possible with you guys.

Within a few minutes after posting this blog, a new blogpost will appear on the homepage of this WordPress blog. This new blogpost will be my (read ‘our’, if you feel like you can help me out and find this crazy thing I’m doing just as important) digital working space for the incoming twelve hours.

Every single eyecatching link I come across during my ‘mediawatching session’, will be shared on this soon to be launched blogpost. So prepare your F5- (refresh-) button to cope with the ‘pressure’. The newest updates will end up on top of the page, including video’s which are to be found or are being shared by you guys.

Feel free to help me by sending (or Tweeting) me your video-embed codes, articles, other live reports, experiences and so on…

Now let’s get this message out into the world, let’s get the information to those who need to read, see or hear it and last but not least, let’s start sharing!


Gijs Molsbergen

PS. On Twitter, use #BlogLiveOnEgypt or #BLOE as the official hashtag/code to spread this initiative and follow the special Twitter-account I made for this event:

PPS. Don’t worry, I’m not sponsored by anyone or any organisation for doing this. I’m just a student who’s got some spare time left and I want to use my free hours effectively, inspiring or what else you’d like to call it


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