Helping out old ladies in the public transport

I’ve got no idea whether this phenomenon differs between The Netherlands and for example, the United States. But because I find myself in the train and busses quiet often as a student, here’s what I do to make the trip comfortable for older passengers.

It’s always busy at the train station around half past eight in the morning. Everybody is lining up (although sometimes it moreover looks like people are preparing to enter a moshpit) to hop into the train. But quiet often, we seem to forget that old women and men, are also standing beside us.
Thanks to

Thanks to

We want to hurry… We didn’t get on the station in time to get ourselves coffee before entering the train… Which means there’s always a few cranky people standing beside you, waiting for the train. But being cranky doesn’t mean you should push old women aside, now does it?

So here’s what I do as an act of kindness to strangers.

I always help old women and men to enter the train if they look like they could need some help. Same goes for fathers and mothers, who’re trying to carry their kid laying in a buggy on to the train. It’s not that hard to do! And when doing it every morning, you get a true ‘thanks’ from a complete stranger. Which makes you completely forget the coffee you spoiled over yourselves, while trying to catch the train you missed.

It truly helped me to start my day with a smile loads of times. Just because helping people to get where they want, is an act of kindness that also cheers me up!



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4 responses to “Helping out old ladies in the public transport

  1. Hi Gijs, doing simple things for others puts a smile on their face. 🙂

    Thanks for joining the RandomBlog2011 Challenge. You’ve got some interesting information on your blog and the challenge should help you attract more readers.

    I’m counting your blog as a new blog for me so look to be mentioned in a future post of mine and I will also send out a Tweet #randomblog2011

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  3. I could never get over (when pushing twin grandsons around London) how kind men were – insisting that they carried the whole thing down steps for me. None of the London Underground stations are wheel proof. No matter how many lifts, sooner or later you are faced with a flight of steps !

    • Thanks for the comment Jenny. In The Netherlands there are elevators on stations, not everywhere though. So then you’d be happy to have some guys to carry your things :p

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