Being social

Yes, contrary to many others who think they’re being social by constantly using their mobile phones to update their social media accounts about everything they do, forgetting about all activities that go on around them, I am truly being social. Even while in the most boring classes during my study, I get myself to pay attention. A certain ‘mind-state’ would be the right way to describe how I manage to always act social.
I’m not social because I say I am, but because others do. Because I know for damn sure that there must’ve been moments that I wasn’t social, like that one time when I was drunk, eating burgers so vigorously at the hungry jacks (which is identical to the Burger King, but then it’s the Australian version), that I was laughing out loud with a burger and cola in my mouth out of pure intense happiness, spraying the whole content over the floor, not caring about who was going to clean it up.
From friends, family and guys I just know by their name, to complete strangers, bums and flight personnel I met from all over the world, I was told to be ‘a guy people can really talk to’, ‘a patient, trustworthy and always seemingly interested in other people’ type of person. I am always interested in people. Somehow I just like to get to know people on another level, then just having ‘hi, how are you and goodbye’ conversations. Not just to learn and be inspired by them, but to keep up with them as much as I can. I truly love the people on this planet, even if I ever got or will get into a fight with them. It feels a bit weird writing this, but it’s true…

Anyway, I’m not planning to start spamming you guys with somekind of story about my life to make my life look interesting. I’m me, I’m alive and I am enjoying it as much as I can by doing what I do together with the people surrounding me, here and on the internet. I would like to tell you guys I’m always reading your emails! I’m just not able to reply them all within a week or two, so give me some time to answer your e-mails, to follow you back on Twitter (if you’re interesting enough though), become friends on Facebook (Just search for Gijs Molsbergen) or MySpace and so on…
I’m doing everything I can to keep being social, not just on the web, also in real life. So don’t hestitate to couchsurf at my place when you’re looking for a place to stay in Holland.

Have fun reading my blog, talking with me throughout social media and I hope to hear from you soon!



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