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23:51 I am done doing my 12 hour media coverage! Thanks for following the page and feel free to leave comments below!

23: 49 “The military is acting wisely, they separated the two groups and people talked peacefully afterwards”

23:44 People are chanting: “We want Mubarak, We want Mubarak!”


23:40 People surrounding and hanging on tank, two groups got into a confrontation with each other, also knives have been seen

23:37 Crowd is holding up sticks towards army tanks, they’re trying to communicate with the soldiers. A discussion is going on, sort of

23:35 Tank is moving, to divide the groups or to choose a side. In Alexandria that is

23:33 A human chain divides the two groups from each other, as seen on AL Jazeera live coverage

23:31 Breaking: Obama will give an address about the situation in Egypt soon

23:30 Two different groups are seemingly fighting each other in Egypt. Pro-Mubarak VS anti-Governmental groups

23:29 People are dispersing, shots are fired in the air by the military

23:26 Stones are thrown at each other, to be seen on Al Jazeera

23:25 Shots fired in Alexandria ! weapons are seen, shots being fired are heard Reporter is making herself save

23:23 there’s a confrontation between different groups in Alexandria #Egypt #clashes are heard. #people are throwing things at each other

23:18 “Army Tank on the move in Alexandria. People are surrounding it. It looks peaceful. The crowd was clearly joined by another crowd chanting: go ahead with your reforms, go ahead with your orders” Reporter from Alexandria says

23:15 “Not sure if military is just with them for protection or for the full length” Al Jazeera reporter says ”

23:14 “people are calling for the army to move Mubarak. They sound furious and are very much moving around. They don’t understand Mubarak has said that he will stay till September”

23:13 “People are shouting: Tomorrow Tomorrow! They want Mubarak to leave tomorrow”

23:09 “A lot of movement in Alexandria” according to a anonymous reporter on Al Jazeera. “There’s definitely more people out on the streets. There’s more commotion, an interesting dynamic and ongoing process”

23:05 A lot of rumor seen on the screen of Alexandria: Al Jazeera

23:01 Protesters agree that Mubarak has lost his Legitimacy as a president

22:58 “Is Mubarak inviting his own assassination by saying he will die on Egyptian ground?” Person on Al Jazeera says

22:53 Amnesty International Prisoner: “Mubarak is in denial of thinking his people will wait till September, in denial that he himself is the only one to blame, he is the architect of the emergency law people are now opposing”

22:50 “Freedom of communication is a personal right”

22:48 Muslim brotherhood says they will not negotiate with the president and still want him to leave

22:45 “The army has been under Mubarak for many years… The people want to see the regime go, not the military” Senior political analyst for Al Jazeera

22:40 The crowds are still shouting: “Get out, Get out!”

22:37 “This is really risky, I am scared that we might weaken the stability of the country by keeping the protest going on” Al Jazeera reporter. “But I am not leaving the protest yet. I am going to stay on this square. People are prepared to stay on the square, it seems like the amounts of people are increasing”

22:35 Images on state television like a “tribute” to Mubarak

22:30 People are saying they will go to the presidential palace. “People at home might lose the feeling with those on the streets. But in the past week more then 200 people have been killed by this guy: Mubarak”

22:27 So, Mubarak will not run for another term as president, but he’s planning on staying seated

22:24 In Alexandria the chanting kept going on during the speech. If Mubarak were to step down it were to descent in chaos ” according to Mubarak

22:22 The crowd movement is difficult to appoint but some people are moving. Al Jazeera Live Reports say, some have begone climbing, “They are still chanting for a change and the leaving of Mubarak”

22:21 Ssrigany Mubarak’s speech reveals that he doesn’t care about people and/or stability #jan25 #cairo but people say leave Mubarak leave!

22:19 Mubarak: “These protests have been manipulated by political forces”

22:18 “A man’s respect and dignity in Arabic can not be defined in the monetary world”Al Jazeera’s reporter” People depicting Mubarak as Adolf Hitler, with a mustache

22:16 Protesters sound angry: “Screaming: Leave! Leave! the crowd is even more exited and defiant in its message towards the president Mubarak”

22:12 He’s presenting himself like “Father of the Nation” according to the reporter: He repeated a lot of times the Mahem, Security and Chaos.

22:10 See the reaction of Egyptians live on Al Jazeera

22:08 Egypt is my homeland like it is the land of all Egyptians and I will die on this land

22:07 I pray to God to guide me to the successful and right path

22:06 Twitter:
BlogLiveOnEgypt Gijs
Live translating Mubarak Speech on my blog!
16 seconds ago Favorite Reply Delete
Sultan Al Qassemi
SultanAlQassemi Sultan Al Qassemi
Mubarak “We will seek economic and political reform. I will also ask the police to always mind the people’s rights and their duties”
15 seconds ago Favorite Retweet Reply
BBC Breaking News
BBCBreaking BBC Breaking News
Egypt’s President Mubarak tells the nation he does not intend to stand at next election
25 seconds ago Favorite Retweet Reply
Sultan Al Qassemi
SultanAlQassemi Sultan Al Qassemi
Mubarak “We will make sure that other political parties are involved in these talks.”

22:03 I will guarantee that I will leave Egypt in a save and well condition, I call both the houses of the parliaments on the sixty sixth an … amandement. I want to debate on these amendements. Amendements to legislations, laws and acts, of the commandment constitution

22:02 My responsibility is to restore and keep the nation save

22:01 translating: Mubarak: I address you today to directly the people of the nation ; farmers workers and Muslims each and every Egyptian man and woman, across the nation, i never sought power and influence, and the people are aware of the hard conditions

BlogLiveOnEgypt Gijs
Mubarak: Political powers undermine stability of Egypt
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Sultan Al Qassemi
SultanAlQassemi Sultan Al Qassemi
Mubarak “There has been destruction, and burning, looting, and ransacking. We live in bad days, there is fear amongst Egyptian and concern”
24 seconds ago Favorite Retweet Reply
BlogLiveOnEgypt Gijs
Mubarak: “Many misused the protests to cause disorder”
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Mubarak speaks: The whole country is facing difficulties
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Sultan Al Qassemi
SultanAlQassemi Sultan Al Qassemi
Mubarak “I am speaking to you at this important time. These protests have turned from a freedom of expression to unfortunate events”
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21:58 Mubarak Speaks

21:55 Estimations on the amount of total protesters in Egypt vary from two to eight million

21:53 Thanks at RR Kampen for your comment 🙂

21:50 BBC reporter on being tortured and electrocuting by Egyptian police: Video

21:49 BBC: The United States has no plans to redeploy troops or ships in response to the unrest in Egypt and Tunisia, the head of the US Central Command, Gen James Mattis, says during a visit to London.

21:46 Oil prices pushed above 102$ a barrel

21:42 Nasser is between the demonstrating crowd. Video of earlier today:

21:39 NRC reports that ministry of Trade said: “transportation on food and fuel should be maintained”

21:35 USA Today reports that President Obama has called a special national security meeting on SnowStorms: As if unrest in Egypt and the Middle East weren’t enough, President Obama and aides are also bracing for a new blast at the USA from Mother Nature.

21:29 What happened to a CNN reporter who stood in the middle of the crowd, including this evening

21:23 Recovery of economic situation in Egypt might take a long while (analysts of Reuters)

21:19 Despite the few amount of followers on Twitter, this blog has had more then 600 views till now… So that means I did reach quiet some people already!

21:16 SultanAlQassemi is trending topic on Twitter worldwide

21:14 Past 24 hours in photos (Reuters)

21:11 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced understanding for pro-democracy protests in Egypt for the first time on Tuesday, but reiterated Israel’s fear they could put a radical Islamist regime in power.

21:10 Watch Mubarakś speech live shortly on

21:05 Al Jazeera live reports on this evening Video:

21:00 Looking, waiting, having patience… Let’s hope the Egyptian civilians will get to hear from Mubarak what they want to hearAl Jazeera at the moment

20:52 Top Israeli brass in disorder during Arab turmoil (Reuters)
* Next top general in doubt; Egypt chaos surprised Israel
* Analysts see preemption risk, or military stagnation

20:45 It’s good to see some messages I post are faster then CNN‘s or BBC’s. All this I’m doing is justto share as many as possible of what’s going on in Egypt and Cairo President Hosni #Mubarak won’t seek re-election, senior U.S. official says.

20:38 Video of clash between protesters and military just uploaded on YouTube, not sure if this is today or yesterday images:

20:35 Mubarak will speak shortly and announce “solution” soon, Al Jazeera being helped by ten regional channels to broadcast live

20:33 China sending in planes to Egypt for evacuating citizens

20:25 No comment

20:19 NYT reports on Obama urging Mubarak to step aside


7.12pm: Here’s a summary of events so far on another momentous day in Egypt

Mohamed ElBaredei has said Mubarak “must leave to avoid bloodshed” and said preparations have already begun for the “post-Mubarak era” (12.03pm). He also attacked Britain’s response to the protests (7.48am).

The US has been reaching out to Mubarak’s opponents. The US ambassador to Egypt, Margaret Scobey spoke with Mohamed ElBaradei (4.33pm)

Jordan’s King Abdullah has responded to the gathering pace of pro-democracy protests in the Middle East by dismissing his government and appointing a new prime minister (12.45pm).

20:10 Tents being set up on Tahriri Square, food being distributed

20:07 Some background information on the situation

19:56 It is official,president Mubarak will step down as president in the incoming election of September 2011. But is this on time for the protesters?

19:55 …

19:52 Egyptians find loophole to government web blackout: France24 Google and Twitter are backing the protesters. The two companies have established a system that allows users to post messages on the microblogging network.

19:44 6.40pm: Al Arabiya TV is now reporting that President Hosni Mubarak will say in a speech that he will step down at the next election but will stay in office till then to meet demands of protesters in that period. (The Guardian)

19:41  Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik on Egyptian TV

19:37 Egypt’s anti-government protesters, scenting victory after President Hosni Mubarak agreed to discuss political reforms, rallied support for what they hope can be a million-strong march for democracy (Al Arabiya)

19:36 BREAKING Al Arabiya: Reports also state that Mubarak will pledge to meet the demands of the opposition parties within “a specific timeframe”(Twitter)

19:35 Wael Ghonim, head of marketing for Google in the Middle East, still missing. One of his last tweets said: Pray for #Egypt. Very worried as it seems that government is planning a war crime tomorrow against people. We are all ready to die.” (Yahoo)

19:31 Hosni Mubarak’s speech might

19:29 Alexendria youth protecting library from looters: (The Guardian)

19:27 Reuters FLASH: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to give speech on Tuesday, vice president has started meetings with other parties: report

19:16 Egyptian New Government anounced on State TV (Monday?)

19:15 Computer Crashed, back online again

18:57 Night is falling on Tahrir Square and although the hundreds of thousands of protesters there have not had their demand answered that President Mubarak leave – there is a festive atmosphere there which promises to last into the night. The army stayed true to its word that it would not use force on peaceful protesters and violence during the ‘Million People March’ has been notable only for its absence. Al Jazeera is still saying 2 million people at least were on the streets in Cairo alone. EuroNews

18:51 Internet connections in Egypt are still cut off, mobile phone networks are mostly down. (CNN)

18:50 The military being so friendly, “encouraged” more people to go out and protest on the streets of Egypt

18:46 Mom’s cooking up some dinner… It’s weird knowing that I’m thousands of miles away from Egypt, but still following it on foot… Sort of…

18:42 Video-impression of protests, no voice-over

18:32 Iranian opposition and leaders both support protesters: CNN ”Analysts say Iran’s leaders have a strategic interest at stake in the turmoil in Egypt”

18:31 Malaysia Airlines sending a rescue flight to Cairo, detail being worked out @mas

18:30 New report on the Jordan fear of protests

18:24 Video of the protests, with some sort of comedian doing a voice-over

18:21 Army fires as gangs raid Tunis schools

18:16 Other Live Audio-messages from Egypt (Al Jazeera)

18:06 Al Jazeera latest reports: Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Tahrir Square says that some women and children were beginning to leave the square due to the cold, but there were lots more people streaming in and the crowd was getting louder.

17:59 Having to deal with some connection problems here: Mubarak is indeed believed to be hunkered down at the presidential palace. There are barbed wire barricades surrounding the building. More details here:

17:55 Getting a bit tired now, but thereś still 6 hours to go! time for coffee!

17:54 DemocracyNow reports on protests (Video)

17:49 NicRobertsonCNN In #Alexandria, people say not affected seriously yet by shortages and they can wait #Mubarak out. #egypt #jan25

17:48 Is regime change in Egypt a threat to Israel? France 24

17:41 Egyptian protests spread to New York

17:40 Egyptians pray during protest (Reuters)

17:35 Government thinking of shutting down train- and busstations

17:31 Despite several days of overwhelming popular grass-roots protest in Egypt, on January 30, 2011, the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, stopped short of urging the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, to resign. According to the New York Times, she spoke of “a process that must include a government dialogue with the protesters and “free, fair, and credible” elections, scheduled for September.” Source

17:30 Impression video of the protests

17:25 Thousands of prisoners escaped from prisons all around Egypt and some already might have reached Palestine:

17:22 self-immolation of a 26-year-old street vendor in central Tunisia has sparked popular riots across North Africa and the Middle East, France 24

17:13 New numbers out of Egypt: At least one million people rallying across Egypt from Cairo to Alexandria to Suez and the Nile Delta for President Mubarak to give up power. Read our latest wrap-up for all the latest developments:

17:11 Reuters via EuroNews:Benjamin Netanyahu has urged the international community to ensure that Egypt keeps to the peace treaty it signed with Israel in ’79

17:07 EuroNews: Egypt has also been allowed by Israel to move troops into the Sinai to deal with the threat of a Bedouin uprising. The Sinai peninsula has been demilitarized since the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, but Tel Aviv has allowed the restrictions to be lifted, fearing an influx of immigrants across the border into Israel

17:03 Mubarak fleeing still not confirmed

16:59 Syrians use Facebook, Twitter to call for protests on Feb4 andFeb5

16:56 Running for the toilet: Keep that F5 button alive

16: 50 nationaljournal RT @nationaljournal: Senate Foreign Relations Chair @JohnKerry has called for #Mubarak to step aside #Egypt #Jan25

16:46 wsfa12news: Cairo ramps up evacuations, 18,000 still stuck: Airport staff were scarce, food supplies were dwindling…

16:42 Reuters security correspondent William Maclean told in an interview that Egypt’s armed forces chief of staff Sami Enan could be an acceptable replacement because he is perceived as incorruptible. (Interview)

16:39 The US ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey spoke by telephone to top dissident Mohamed ElBaradei on Tuesday, as anti-government protests reached a new peak in Cairo, a US official told AFP.More information on talks between US Ambassador and EL Baradei

16:32 Help the Egyptians to get a voice! They can Tweet by just (Google) Talking: spread the (old) news!

16:27 Israel shocked by Obama’s “betrayal” of Mubarak, Netanyahu Video:

16:24 Latest report on day 8 of protests in Alexandria

16:17 State Dept. reduces staff in amid violence (DailyNewsEgypt Blog)

16:13 DMReporter: BREAKING! president Mubarak flees Egypt! Unconfirmed by other media

16:10 Opposition groups led by Al-Baradei set ultimatum: Mubarak has to make clear his position before Friday

16:08 Protesters are to get unemployment compensation (CNN)

16:00 Rumour grows on Twitter that Mubarak has gone

15:58 Al Ar Arabiya reports American Ambassador is in a conversation with El Baradei.

15:50 Interview with protest-girl in Cairo

15:46 All walls around the square have been painted, thousands of people are still coming onto the square. Estimation now is: over two million in Cairo protesting

15:43 People urge for complete and utter change (Al Jazeera)

15:40 BREAKING: Either ElBaradei or prominent scientist Ahmed Zuweil will speak to protesters later tonight, thanks to Sarah El Sirgany

15:37 A stage is being build on the square, might be for someone to hold a speech

15:35 Al Jazeera reports: 500,000 protesters in Mansoura. The second largest protest in Egypt today.

15:30 Video published by SkyNews

15:28 Reuters Video on the protests

15:24 The American giants Coca-Cola and General Motors are pulling back or pulling out, as are German companies like Volkswagen and the retailer Metro, as well as the Danish shipping and oil company A. P. Moller-Maersk.what kind of effect is all this having on the economy? NYT

15:18 EuroNews The closure of Egypt’s banks has prevented money being sent by Egyptian ex-pats back home. The Egyptian economy is heavily reliant on remittances, with 7.6 billion dollars worth of funds having been sent to the country from citizens abroad last year. Banks have been closed since WSunday and are not likely to reopen until Thursday at the very earliest.

15:13 DemocracyNow Tweets: #Egypt has long history of censorship & harassment of journalists.

15:09 Reuters: Finance minister says economy hit by protests #BLOE

15:06 Reports on amount of protesters differs from 200.000 to 2 million

15:02 Jordan’s king sacks Cabinet amid street protests

14:56 Amnesty international photo gallery on events in Egypt

14:54 The United States has ordered all non-essential staff at its Cairo embassy to leave

14:51 Euronews: Egyptian state satellite channel Nile TV is one news channel not giving extensive coverage of the protests. An on screen logo of an Egyptian flag bears the slogan ‘Protect Egypt’. News crawlers give the names of new cabinet ministers and display messages such as ‘Thousands support Mubarak’s decisions’. The screen is split between a documentary on an Egyptian village and a wide shot of one part of Cairo apparently neglected by demonstrators.

14:48 China censors “Egypt” search term in their Twitter equivalent, highlights impact and reaction to protests abroad

14:46 Military is arresting shoplifters and “thugs” infiltrating within the protesters

14:44 Al Jazeera live reports are impressive: “Nearly two million protesters in Cairo”

14:40 CNN reports:The Egyptian crisis has sent oil prices to a 2-year high above $92 a barrel, up 5.5% in two trading sessions, due to concern the turmoil could spread to Middle East nations that are bigger crude producers. But some traders believe the run-up is an overreaction, with the major Gulf oil states protected from such conflict. Egypt is not an oil exporter, and only about 1.8 million barrels a day move through the Suez Canal, which it controls. That’s just 2% of the world’s oil supply. The price retreated 81 cents to $91.38 a barrel in Tuesday trading.

14:32 People on the Tahrir square are getting free food from several women

14:30 The United Nations cultural organization (UNESCO) urged Egyptian authorities and protesters on Tuesday to protect the country’s heritage and respect freedom of expression during the ongoing political crisis.

14:30 Don’t forget refreshing this page with your F5 button to keep up to date!

14:28 These protests will not stop, till the message reaches other Arab Nations. Live report video:

14:27 Jordan’s King Abdullah has appointed a new Prime Minister, Maarouf Al Bakhit. CNN

14:22 In Amsterdam Egyptians have also started protesting

14:19 Just went to the toilet, the national Egypt television is starting to show images of the protests in Egypt. Probably because of protesters who are in front of the television Network its Headquarters

14:15 Government is telling citizens to stay indoors when not taking part in the protests

14:13 South African Embassy is not evacuating citizens from Egypt

14:06 GMT+1 Evacuations continue amid Egypt protests

14:00 Two hours of media monitoring have passed, a lot of news coming from other parts of the world now. Remember you can follow me on Twitter and leave suggestions or comments below. Even with a fake e-mail adress/name

13:48 New suicide protest in Tunesia

13:45 How Sharif Kouddous got to report Live from Cairo

13:42 In Syria, the opposition is calling for a protest according to Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant

13:37 “In Tahrir Square, we talk todays as Egyptians” CNN

13:35 Video from CNN, published today. Terrified militant fires gun

13:28 From CNN: The Obama administration has sent former U.S. Ambassador Frank Wisner to Egypt to meet with officials there, National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor told CNN.

Amr Moussa, secretary general of the Arab League, told Al Arabiya TV that if he is asked to play a role during any Egyptian political transition, “I will carry out my duties to serve the people of Egypt.”

13:26 Military shakes hands, smile and get on pictures with the protesters

13:25 The BBC’s Wyre Davies is at what he calls a massive demonstration in the northern port city of Alexandria.

13:21 Shocking reports on terrified people in Egypt, being captured by militants. The reporter says people can’t contact family members… (Follow the BBC Live reports)

13:20 Dubai ports operator DP World has suspended its operations at the Ain Sukhna port in Egypt, a spokesperson said today, as a revolt calling for the ouster of Egypt’s president raged into an eighth day.
DP World is one of the largest container-port operators in the world. It is a part of the troubled Dubai World conglomerate, which stunned global financial markets when it announced in November 2009 that it needed to freeze debt payments. (AJ)

13:17 “Perfectly enough commercial capacity in British Plains for British people to get out of Egypt”

13:15 Netanyahu closely monitoring events in Egypt: Al Jazeera

13:13 UN Chief also says 300 people might have been killed during the protests till now

13:12 Military is acting like friendly and gentle referees according to a BBC reporter, Follow me on Twitter: @BlogLiveOnEgypt RT!

13:10 People are sitting on rooftops, cars and every single spot possible

13:08 Omar Robert Hamilton, who appears to be tweeting from Tahrir Square says: “There’s hardly space to move. Square rocking with people singing. It’s Magnificent.”

13:06 John Simpson reports for BBC: “People are still coming in. Police told people not to get out of line, but suddenly all of this is out of the question.”

13:05 According to Al Jazeera in Mansoura 250.000 people also went on to the streets

13:00 Since the last internet provider went down, I’m getting visibly less information

12:59 300 killed during protests in Egypt so far

12:52 Military helicopters are being waved away by protesters. Acoording to NRC: “Protester see it as a big difference having the army on the ground and not in the Sky. They see this as Pro-Mubarak”

12:50 Pictures from the gallery of made by Khalil Hamra, AP

12:47 According to SandMonkey’s Tweet,: army has estimated number of protesters at entrance of tahrir at 2 million on January the fifth

12:45 YahooNews says the military will not fight with the protesters

12:42 The difference between Egyptian National Television and Al Jazeera thanks to NRCLive reports

12:38 Protests against the Mubarak regime continue, making it hard for shopkeepers and store owners, according to, “those who do come to shop are looking only for items of the utmost necessity”

12:33 Mohamed ElBaradei tells satellite channel Al Arabiya that Hosni Mubarak must step down by Friday, AFP reports.

12:31 100.000 protesters are estimated to be in Egypt at the moment according to the BBC

12:30 Egyptian rallies expected in front of Egyptian Embassy in Washington DC today at 06:30 PM

12:26 Judges who fought corruption join the protests according to WashingtonExaminer

12:25: Criticism of foreign ministries is rising towards Egypt when it comes to the safety for visitors and tourists, according to many reporters of CNN

12:20 Thousands of British nationals in Egypt at the moment. The foreign minister is advising anybody not to travel to Cairo: BBCLive

Remember, the hash tag to use in Twitter can be #BLOE or #BlogLiveOnEgypt, whatever suits you!

The short link to this page is:

12:17 I am following some reporters, including Sharif Kaddous who’s in the middle of the march

12:15 The last internet provider went offline in Egypt

12:13 Mubarak must resign, according to 50 Egyptian Human Rights organizations

Just a few hours ago:

11:51 Thousands streaming into Egypt behind the Egyptian museum: bencnn on Twitter

Tweets say Iran is openly supporting the protests in Egypt

Video on the start of today’s march in Egypt:

Chaos at Cairo Airport

All streets to Cairo shut down, tens of thousands of people are on the streets

Spreading unrest from Tunisia, Egypt to Syria?

Voice to text to communicate

Google voice to text messages: so Egyptians can still communicate, is online:

Voice mail messages left at +16504194196; +390662207294 or +97316199855 will instantly be converted into text messages, referred to as tweets, and posted at Twitter with an identifying “hashtag” of #egypt.

Twitpic user covers thousands of people gathering in Egypt:

BBC reporters were forced to give their cameras and reporting gear to the military

One of our worthy sources of information:

NRC, a Dutch newspaper/website is having CoverItLive constantly running to get live reports

Alexandria youth ‘protecting library from looters’



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